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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Goals for a New Year

Well, I have really not done very well at keeping up this blog, and it is not from a lack of interest in photography.  I have taken many pictures, hundreds in the last year, I just haven't been very good at POSTING many of them on here. 

So for the New Year, my goal for this blog will be at least two photos every month, and until the course is finished at least one of those two should be related to the completion of an assignment on my Free Jodie Coston Photography Course, after the course is finished, at least one of the two should be what I would call "artistic photography", that is not just a snap shot taken on full auto, but a photograph where I used at least some manual settings to get the effect that I want, I am trying to move more and more away from full auto, to at least using AV or TV modes, but also trying to get more familiar with the Manual setting.

For now though, I will post a few pictures from December 2010...

My son's 11th birthday party:

My daughter's sweety Dustin, playing with the rest of the children at the party.

Some Christmas photos, this first group is Christmas Eve, when Dustin came over and we exchanged gifts with him.  My younger kids really liked the presents from him.  My oldest was just happy to have him there.

 He was mezmarized by the box.

My younger daughter's Christmas gifts from Dustin, I wonder if he gave her the hamster just to other me... you see, he knows I call my favorite NASCAR driver's main rival "the Hamster". (My favorite is Jimmie Johnson, his main rival is Denny Hamlin.)

This next group is Christmas morning. Lots of pictures, pay special attention to what my oldest daughter got in her stocking.

 Okay here it is... she is trying to figure out what is in the envelope in her stocking.

"Huh? What?  Are you serious?"

It's a car key!!!