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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rainbows, Hospitals, Puppies, Girls, Racecars, and an Apology!

I guess I'll start with the apology, sorry for not updating.

I started this blog fully intending to post pictures daily all through 2010.  Then I needed surgery.  For some reason I never got back on track after the surgery.  I have taken some photos in the meantime, but haven't posted them.  So I am changing the name of this blog from "Vic's 365 Glimpses of 2010" to "Vic's Glimpses of Life".  It will still be a photo blog, and I will still do my best to post a picture for each day from here on out, but since I missed so many days, it won't be 365.  Also, I will likely continue the blog beyond 2010 anyway.  I will try to get back to daily photos this next week.  Even if I post only once a week, I'd like it to be seven photos, one for each day.

For now I am going to post some photos which were taken during the time I wasn't posting.

On January 25, on my way to the hospital, I saw a rainbow.  It didn't photograph as well as I'd hoped.

Also on January 25th, I took the following pictures:

The outside of the Hospital:

Fishies in the tank in the waiting area:

On February 10th, I took some photos of my Mother-in-law's new puppy.  That's my daughter holding her, my daughter loves that little dog, and the puppy feels the same way, when we visit, the puppy generally wants to play with my daughter more than anyone else.  I hurt myself taking that second puppy photo, it was still too soon to get down on the floor, my incision was sore for days afterward.

 On February 17th I took this photo:

On February 19th, my daughter had a slumber party to celebrate turning eight years old.

One of the party games she requested was bowling, I think she really just wanted me to buy the plastic bowling set.

Of course, there were lots of other festivities as well:

My son felt left out, and wanted me to take some photos of him too:

The next morning, the girls invented their own game, called, "Leap Off the Couch and Land on a Mattress".

On March 3rd, my two youngest kids took part in the Awana Grand Prix.

My daughter's car is the blue Lowes #48.  She is so smart for her age!  She already knows Jimmie Johnson is the best NASCAR driver!

My son chose to make an Indy-Style racecar, its the red one with the helmet on the top, #70.

Here are some other shots of Race Night.

Okay, so that's it for my "absentee photos", hopefully I'll do better in the future!