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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Too Good for Just One Photo

I am a Sunday School teacher, and for about two years my class has been crammed into this:

That is the Church kitchen, and my class has been crammed into it for two years, and before that we had an even smaller room.  The kitchen was worse though because people would walk through to get things in the middle of the teaching, and the kids would try to play with the stove or get food from the fridge.  So when I show this next set of photos, you should understand why I consider them to be truly beautiful.

Our portable, purchased about two years ago, is FINALLY ready for use!  Here is the outside:

And here is the inside, showing first the big room for Children's Worship:

Next, the two smaller classrooms off of the big room:

Right now my class is the only class using the portable once children's worship is finished, so we are enjoying the use of the big room, its great to finally have space to move around.

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