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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010 New Direction

For years I have been interested in photography, which is why I started this blog in the first place, and now the time has come for this blog to have some new direction.  Back in March of 2008, I found some free photography lessons online, and I started studying to make my photos better.  However, life got in the way and I didn't continue with the lessons as I'd planned, but in the time I was taking the lessons, I noticed marked improvement in all of my photos, not only the ones I did for the course.  Well, I'd like to begin studying these lessons again, and posting my photos on here.  Since so much time has passed, I will start again with lesson one.  Which is Found Here.
As you can see, assignment one of lesson 1 is this:
"Take at least one abstract photo based entirely on some of the compositional rules we talked about. Subjects should not be recognizable. Post your photo online and send me a link, along with an explanation of why you think the composition makes a visually interesting image."

The last time I tried this, I struggled to get the photos to be "truly" abstract. Almost everything was recognizable, at first this discouraged me, but then when I looked at the sample photos in the lesson itself, I could recognize most of those too. Here are a few that I took last time around, in spring of 2008, while I attempted to create an "abstract" photo.

 Now these are all old photos, but be looking for future posts to include more attempts at Lesson 1 assignment 1.  In the future, when ever a picture is for an assignment, I will indicate that and link to the lesson the assignment is from.  If it is just a photo I took to record my day, it will just be posted as a photo.

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  1. I saw you on the photo course web site. Noticed to were also a homeschool mom so I sent you an email on FB. At least I THOUGHT I did. I just got a message that is was the wrong Vicki Maheu Ashley :o