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Friday, April 16, 2010

New Photos for Lesson 1, Plus some I just thought were pretty.

This is more on the photography course I am taking free online.

Because I covered the "abstract" aspect pretty well in my first attempts at lesson 1, I practiced applying the same compositional rules to some not-so-abstract photos, as well as continuing to work with some of the "abstract" ideas.

Here is one that is not really abstract, but I took it to try to utilize the concept of negative space, I also tried to compose in suh a way as to include some triangles (the shape made by the cluster of branches on the right).   This photo was taken by pointing my camera almost straight up in the air at the trees.  I failed to notice the telephone pole sticking up at the bottom of the picture, and I thought I would like it better without that, so I cropped out that section photo.



After looking at the cropped photo some more, I decided I liked it better rotated, like this:

I realize this is not the best example of negative space, and I have something I'm planning to do a better job at that.  

Here are some other photos I took, I'll keep my comments to quick notes indicating what compositional principles I was trying to use.

Abstract, rule of thirds, triangular lines, leading lines, golden mean, filling the frame.

Same as above

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds, golden mean, triangles formed by small purple flowers and grass.

Rule of thirds

For the photos above, they do use some compositional rules, but mostly I'm posting them because I think they're pretty.

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