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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My My Dear Daughter, Perfect Blend of Girly Girl and Rough and Tumble Tomboy

Sorry that some of these are not composed or focused as well as they should be, I was in a hurry to snap the pictures because the kids wanted to disassemble some parts of this creation to make new things...  I decided to go full auto with my camera, and I didn't notice until the picts were on my computer screen that some parts were out of focus a little, but not too bad.

 My little daughter Danielle is quite amusing with her mix of typical little girl traits and  "Tom Boy" traits.  Here is the cute little play house she built from legos, typical little girl stuff...  well until you look closer:


Her dream home has a missile launcher.

And the woman of the house drives around armed with a pistol.

 The man of the house drives a car that is part fighter plane.

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