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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Water Droplets!!! Lesson 2 Assignment 3a, Fast Shutter Speed

Okay, my assignment for lesson 2 of my free photography course was to take pictures using shutter speed to create an effect.  My first effort at this was to use a fast shutter speed to catch a split second of time, shown in a water droplet.

I got further instruction on this from This Site

I added blue food coloring to the dish of water to get the cool blue color, of course the water dripping down did not have food coloring, it is just reflecting the color of the water below.

My settings for all these photos was manual,manual focus, shutter 1/200, aperture f/5.6, focal length 55mm, ISO 100, on-camera flash.

My best result came from one I cropped to focus just on the water drop:

Okay, so here is the whole series of shots.


  1. These are very good! Nice Job!

  2. Beautiful photos! Puts the photos I post of Tabitha on Facebook to shame!