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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Equipment Frustration

I'd so like to take my photography to the next level, to do some really cool wildlife shots, some sports shots, explore the world of macro and abstract... but I am limited.  Not by ideas, and I don't believe I am limited on talent or skill, I believe I am fully capable of getting the results I'm after... but I'm limited by equipment.  My Canon Rebel xs  has only the kit lens, 18-55mm.  I simply can't zoom in enough for decent wildlife or sports shots, and I can't get the results in macro or closeup that I'd really like to see.

I also have a Kodak Z710, and it does have 10x zoom, but the pictures are not nearly as sharp as what I could get with my Rebel if it had a good lens.

So, buy a new lens you say? Well I can't.  I've been looking, and nothing worth buying falls in my price range.  I've looked on craigslist and found a lens for a mere fraction of what it would cost new, along with a lot of other gear being thrown in with it, but my husband informed me that we still can not afford it.

So, I guess I am limited in the kind of pictures I can take.  I can get some very nice shots of certain types, so its not the quality of my work that suffers as much as the type of work I can do.  I guess I'll have to express my artistic side in some other way.
Speaking of wildlife shots, I did get some halfway decent shots of a coyote in my yard a few weeks ago, I had to use the Kodak, because the 18-55mm lens just can't do the job.  I'm sure that my results would have been much better with a true telephoto lens on my rebel, but at any rate, here is what I got.

This last one is a crop of the first one.

So you see that the Kodak gets decent shots, but certainly not professional quality at a distance.  If you click on the picture to see it larger, you can tell how it is lacking in sharpness, I mean, it is good for a point and shoot picture, but the results I could have gotten with a real telephoto lens would have been awesome.

So I guess for now I just wait and keep working with I have, maybe some day I'll be able to get myself one telephoto and one macro.

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